Rug Care Guide: 8 Tips To Keep Rugs Clean And Vibrant

Apr 5, 2019 | Area Rug Cleaning

rug care in Greensboro, NC

rug care in Greensboro, NC


Rugs are a beautiful addition to any room and are a fun way to add some flare. Not only do they look great but they are also an important way to collect dirt and dust that float around in the air. Rugs, like carpet, act as giant air filters that help remove allergens and dust throughout our homes. However, just like any air filter, once rugs become full they can no longer do their job. That’s why it’s so important to care for them by keeping them clean and rotating them at least once every 6 months.

We know rugs can get pretty pricey and they are intended to stay in homes for a long time. In order to keep your rug investment look like new for years to come follow these simple 8 steps from Chem-Dry of Greensboro. You’ll be glad you did!

Know Your Area Rug

In order to know the specific care you should give your rug, be sure to check what kind of yarn, what kind of backing, and any special instructions from the manufacturer that may be listed for the rug.

Whether it be nylon, polyester, wool, or another material it is important to know how to treat the rug so that you don’t ruin it in the cleaning process. Regular cleanings are always advised and professional cleanings as well. Be sure to check with the company and let them know the type of rug you have so that they can ensure you the best clean.

1. Rotate Your Rug

If your rug is in a highly-trafficked area it is important to be rotating your rug so that it is worn evenly. A rule of thumb is to rotate your rugs at least every 6 months or more frequently if the area has more thru traffic. Think: Every time you rotate your tires, rotate your rugs throughout your home as well.


2. Schedule Regular Professional Cleanings

Professional cleaning is the best way to ensure a long life for your rug. Surface cleaning is important and required for regular area rug care but professionals can reverse a lot of the day to day damage that life can do to your rugs.

When scheduling an area rug cleaning be sure that you mention any details of your rugs like fringes or concerns you have (sun spots, stains, spills) so that the technicians are aware of the problems and can fix them while they are cleaning. 


3. Avoid the Sun

One problem you will face if your rug sees sunlight regular is sun damage. It is important to limit your rug’s exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading or sunspots. Keep the blinds closed when the room is not in use to preserve the colors and dyes of the rugs. 


4. Manage Shedding

The minute we say shedding we immediately think of pet hair. Though it is important to vacuum 1-2 times a week initially to remove any hair it is important not to damage the rug if you see any signs of shedding. Rather than pull on stray loops, always cut them back to size so that they don’t cause any further damage.


5. Protect Your Rug From Furniture

Rather than placing furniture right on top of the rug, use protectors on the feet of furniture to prevent large divots or damage to the pile.

Ensure that furniture legs are clean before placing them on the rug and rotate rugs so that dents from heavy furniture don’t become permanent. If there are stubborn divots try putting an ice cube on the area and let it melt. Once it is melted go through with your hands and fluff the area. Remember that this may not be effective for all rugs and may damage certain material so be sure to check what kind of rug you have before trying. 


6. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your rug will extend the life and beauty of your rug significantly. Vacuuming every 1-2 weeks is ideal, more often for high traffic.

Make sure to use a vacuum that can cater to the pile height of your rug. If you have a high pile rug, it can be damaged by a vacuum on a low pile setting, and a high pile setting won’t really clean a low pile rug.


7. Removing Pet Hair

If there is stubborn pet hair or dirt in your rugs, there are a few tools you can use to get rid of it without damaging the rug. These tools include a carpet brush, carpet rake, or standard squeegee tool.


8. Stains and Spills

If you’re dealing with a spill, quickly blot up the spill using a clean cloth. Do not rub, as this can press the spill further into the fibers and increase the likelihood that it may stain. If the spill is semi-solid, try scraping the excess with a thin spoon before treating and then vacuum up as it dries. 


Call The Experts

If you find yourself questioning how to clean your area rug or have a stubborn stain that just isn’t coming out, give Chem-Dry of Greensboro a call. Our certified technicians will asses the damage and use our unique cleaning system to pull stains from deep in the fibers of your rugs. Schedule an appointment for area rug cleaning in Greensboro, NC today!

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