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Ready for Cleaner Carpets in Summerfield?

We know there are several professional carpet cleanings to choose from in Summerfield. With so many options, you are looking for the best possible cleaning at an affordable price. Other factors like choosing a company that uses an eco-conscious cleaning solution and having it safe around the kids and pets might influence your decision.

Life is busy and you need a carpet cleaner that dries quickly.  Most importantly, you want to schedule a carpet cleaning that actually deep cleans your carpet from top to bottom, eliminating reappearing stains, pet urine odors, allergens and dirt.

What if we told you that Chem-Dry of Greensboro meets every single one of those requirements in Summerfield, NC?

carpet cleaning summerfield nc and pet urine removal

The Chem-Dry® Process

Not every carpet cleaning company in Summerfield is the same. And here at Chem-Dry of Greensboro we believe we have set ourselves apart from the rest. Some companies use cleaning methods that leave your carpets covered in soapy residue that end up making your carpets get dirtier, faster. Steam cleaning methods can also leave your carpets wet for days on end so it’s a hassle trying to get back to your day to day routine. That’s where we are different. Chem-Dry of Greensboro uses a carpet cleaning method that utilizes the power of carbonation that penetrates deep into the fibers of your carpet where the majority of the dirt and grime lie. The carbonation helps remove stains and odor in a way that plain water and soap can’t. Plus, rather than using toxic chemicals the natural power of carbonation is all we rely on. This is just one of the many reasons why Chem-Dry® in Summerfield is the right choice for carpet cleaning!

Get Cleaner Carpets Faster

chem dry removes allergens and improves air quality in carpet cleaningAfter you get your carpets cleaned, you want to enjoy them, right? Maybe you cleaned them for a big event or party, so you need to be ableto walk on them quickly. Did you know that carpets cleaned by steam cleaners can take days to dry? That’s not the case when you choose Chem-Dry Of Greensboro. Because our efficient cleaning solution uses 80% less water, your carpets will be dry in a matter of hours.


 Less Water, Healthier Caret

We’re able to use less water because our solution works more efficiently. Instead of flooding your carpets with water to flush out dirt, we utilize carbonated bubbles to push dirt to the surface, where we can easily extract it. We clean your carpets from the bottom up, getting more dirt out instead of pushing it deeper down where you may not be able to see but it’s still there. Our carbonated cleaning process combined with the expertise of our highly-trained technicians will leave your carpet looking like new. The result is peace of mind knowing that your carpets are truly cleaner and will stay that way for longer.

Go Green With Chem-Dry®

Our proprietary cleaning solution, The Natural®, is an innovative combination of totally effective ingredients. It is non-toxic and Green Certified, making it safe for your children, pets, family, and home. We go to such great lengths to protect your home and the environment because, like you, we live in the Summerfield area we we love where we live! Also, our carbonated cleaning process uses about 1/5 of the water that the average steam cleaner requires, so we save water for where our communities need it most. Join Chem-Dry of Greensboro in going green and protecting our planet, one home at a time. Call us to schedule your Summerfield carpet cleaning appointment today! (336) 644-9900

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