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Greensboro Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Facilities and businesses spend thousands of dollars on carpeting, upholstered and leather furniture, oriental area rugs and more. With the proper maintenance, you can add life to your furniture by simply taking care of it. While poor maintenance will adversely affect that professional image, waste thousands of dollars in misdirected cleaning costs, reduce product performance and accelerate the need for replacement. It also detracts from employee morale and their pride in their job.

This same theory is seen across the world: when a good citizen sees a piece of trash laying around on a beautiful, tidy park, they are more likely to pick up that trash if it is the only piece versus an overwhelming amount of garbage left around. Keep your office nice and your employees will help by working harder and cleaning up behind themselves.

Chem-Dry tech speaking with a business owner in Greensboro

Maintaining A Healthy Environment

At Chem-Dry of Greensboro, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy indoor environment and preserving the longevity of your valuable carpet, rug, fabric, and leather investments. As a trusted provider of commercial cleaning services, we are dedicated to offering professional solutions that effectively clean your establishment and help it stay cleaner for longer.

Whether you operate a doctor’s office, convention center, senior living facility, or any other commercial space, we have the experience and expertise to meet your maintenance needs. Our team of trained and certified professionals is committed to providing exceptional service and delivering the best results possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact Chem-Dry of Greensboro for all your commercial cleaning needs. We are here to help keep your establishment looking its best.

Why Choose Us

For more than 40 years, Chem-Dry has maintained an aggressive research and development program. We understand how carpets and fabrics wear and stain. We know there are many different types of fibers and textiles in the commercial environment. Chem-Dry is so aggressive about its research because we believe in bettering ourselves. We believe that there is always a cleaner, more healthy option, and we’re constantly looking for that option. When you invest in Chem-Dry of Greensboro, you’re investing in one of the most well-researched carpet cleaning services in the Greensboro area. We understand that you need to have us in and out, with little inconvenience, especially in the form of excess moisture in the fabrics in your office. With dry times of one to two hours, your business can continue running with little or no disruption.

Programmed Maintenance

Working with you, Chem-Dry of Greensboro will analyze your facility and customize a commercial cleaning service program that makes your carpeting, rugs, upholstery and leather look cleaner, last longer, and stay healthier. Then, our professionals will deliver these services at your convenience.

Whether your facility requires spot cleaning, carpet cleaning or fabric or leather care, our revolutionary technologies remove more soil, spots, and stains than any other commercial cleaning system. Call us today to learn about how we can perform our cleaning services in your Greensboro area office or store.

Here’s some of our recent commercial cleaning work at the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) corporate office

professional rug cleaning in nursing facility in Greensboro NC
doctors office commercial carpet cleaning in Greensboro NC
commercial rug cleaning in office from Chem-Dry of Greensboro NC

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