How to Protect Your Carpets

Feb 13, 2018 | Carpet Cleaning

How to Protect Your Carpets

how to protect your carpets blog feature imageWe understand how important it is to have a clean home. After all, home is where you and your family spend a huge amount of your time. Having a clean space to come home to is reassuring and relaxing. However, the biggest enemy of a clean, calming home is stains. No matter how good you are at cleaning, stains are bound to happen, and carpet stains are both very common and very hard to remove. However, there is a way to make it much easier to clean carpet spots and get back to relaxing in your home: carpet protectant.

What is Carpet Protectant

Carpet protectant is an invisible layer over the top of your carpet that acts as a shield, stopping stains from settling into the carpet fibers as quickly. You an think of it almost as little umbrella, keeping your carpets dry and safe from stains. And just as umbrellas are easier to clean, carpet protectant makes it a whole lot easier to clean spills and spots off of your carpets. Carpet protectant isn’t magic and stains will eventually soak into your carpets if left untreated for long enough. Protectant isn’t a bulletproof solution, but it does make it harder for stains to set in and easier to wipe up.

chem dry carpet cleaning vs competitors carpet cleaningWhy Chem-Dry’s Unique Co-Application Provides Better Coverage

Many carpets come with a factory-applied carpet protectant. However, protectant wears off and needs to be replaced every so often, and at that point you have a choice to make: which protectant will protect your carpets best?

That’s a question we’ve put a lot of thought and research into at Chem-Dry. We’ve developed our innovative co-application process to provide the best coverage and protection. Conclusive testing shows that Chem-Dry Protectant provides better soil protection than competing protectors. When you choose to add protectant to your Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, the protectant is actually added directly to our cleaning solutions and applied as your carpet is being cleaned. This co-application process means it coats the entire carpet fiber, from the tip to the base, as your carpet is being cleaned, not just the tips like with our competitors.  

Plus, because the Protectant is added at the same time as cleaning, no additional moisture is required, so there is no additional dry time. Carpets are still dry within a couple of hours. All of our competitors post-apply their protectors, adding even more moisture to an already wet carpet, extending the dry time.

At Chem-Dry of Greensboro, we recognize the substantial investment you have made in your carpets and want to enhance your investment and ensure a longer carpet life. With Chem-Dry Protectant and regularly scheduled cleanings, spots and stains are not a problem and your home is left fresh, clean and healthy for your family to enjoy.




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