Reasons To Spring Clean Your Area Rugs

Mar 24, 2021 | Area Rug Cleaning

reasons to spring clean your area rugs

The spring season lifts our spirits and also lengthens our to-do lists. You’re probably already chin-deep in spring cleaning projects, so why add area rug cleaning to the mix? Here are three key reasons why this task is so important—especially when it comes to spring cleaning. 

#1 – Ever heard of Winter depression? Well your rugs have too.

Area rugs have a way of tying together a room and making it feel more cozy. The perfect rug is hard to find—and probably isn’t cheap, either. 

Rugs get matted down and packed with dirt—especially after wet winters when mud and moisture is tracked in from outside. This can wear your rugs out faster, and make them appear dingy and dull. 

Professional rug cleaning not only restores vibrancy and color to your area rugs, but protects them by eliminating dirt and other particles that wear down textile fibers. 

#2 – Protect yourself and your rug from allergens and dust.

Even if your rugs appear to be clean, they’re still likely packed with dust. In fact, nasty odors, chemical residue, pet urine, and feces are commonly found in area rugs. 

This can not only kicks your springtime allergies into full gear, but negatively impacts the indoor air quality of your home and facilitates the spread of allergens.

#3 – Shield and protect your rugs from stains 

Warmer months mean more entertaining, but also more dirty footprints, spills, and stains tracked across your rugs.

With Chem-Dry of Greensboro, your rugs won’t only be cleaned, but fortified using our proprietary area rug protectant. This product places a protective barrier between your rugs and whatever comes their way—making it easier for the fibers to repel stains and dirt. 


Rug cleaning in Greensboro, North Carolina 

At Chem-Dry of Greensboro, we believe that both your health and your time are extremely valuable. That’s why we provide services in Jamestown, Greensboro, Oak Ridge, and Mcleansville that improve the health of your home, and are convenient for your busy schedule. 

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